eduroam - making the SecureW2 TTLS client work...

I had big problems making the 'eduroam' network work (eduroam is an 802.1X based EAP/TTLS verified network used at most Dutch and many European universities). For some reason, the authentication always stopped and I could not log in. Attempts to repair broke my entire TCP/IP stack, forcing me to go back to an earlier Windows restore point...

Months later, I was able to solve it. It turns out that the SecureW2 client does not work with the Intel ProSET/Wireless software, found for instance on most Dell laptops. Moving back to the Windows client temporarily for the eduroam session immediately solved the problem. Just click with the right mouse button on the Intel ProSET/Wireless icon in the taskbar, and click "Use microsoft client". With the Microsoft client, the eduroam network wirks fine. At the end of the eduroam session, click again on the Intel ProSET/Wireless icon in the taskbar, and click "Use Intel ProSET/Wireless".

Another possibility is not to install the SecureW2 TTLS client when you work with the Intel ProSET/Wireless client. It already has 802.1X built in, so there is no need to install the SecureW2 client... When you do, it does not help at all -- you have to set the settings yourself!
Network verification : open
Data coding : WEP
Verification type : EAP/TTLS
Verification protocol : PAP
Roaming identity : (in my case, at TU Delft)

If you have problems making 'eduroam' work with Intel ProSET/Wireless, these options are worth a try!